New: “Conversations Between Parents”

Article from Parenthèse published on 19 October 2023, in the News, Transmission of French Language category.

The Fédération des parents is launching a new initiative in the Francophone parent community in B.C.: “conversations between parents.”

What is a conversation?

A “conversation between parents” brings together a small number of parents who are interested in discussing with other parents a specific topic chosen in advance. One or two resource persons from the Fédération des parents accompany the group, acting as facilitators in order to create a framework for dialogue that is dynamic, warm, and considerate, while guiding the discussions. The richness of the conversation lies in the sharing and exchanges where each participant draws on his or her daily experience as a parent.

These conversations also provide an opportunity to break the isolation that some Francophone parents may feel in different parts of the province.

Parents are called upon to actively participate in these conversations in order to encourage dialogue, share best practices, and build their skills together.

With the goal of reaching all parents in British Columbia, the conversations are taking place virtually, but they can also be in person, depending on the needs of each community.

The conversations between parents will be offered by the Centre d’appui à la famille et à l’enfance, CAFE (Family and Children’s Support Centre), of the Fédération des parents. They were developed in collaboration with the Regroupement de l'Ouest et du Nord en petite enfance (RONPE), which brings together the provincial federations of parents from the western provinces and the territories.

More details on this new initiative and how to register for the October 26 conversation can be found here :