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Learn about our videos for parents on topics including bilingual language development, the participation of non-Francophone parents in their child's education, the right to French-language education in B.C., how to increase parental involvement, etc.

(N.B. You will find our videos which are available only in French on the French version of this page.)

Video to inspire parents to encourage daily living in French at home

Do you know about the Vivre en français fact sheets? Available in French and English versions, these fact sheets present winning strategies to help you keep living in French at home.
(To download the fact sheets, click here.) Here is a video in English inspired by these fact sheets!

The challenges of Francophone education when only one parent speaks French

Webinar with Glen Taylor, author and consultant in Francophone education

My spouse is Francophone but I’m not, so why choose to send our child to French-language school? How can I get involved in my child's Francophone education if I don’t speak French?

In this webinar, Glen Taylor, parent, author and consultant, shares his knowledge about Francophone education in a Canadian minority-language setting, presents strategies to help non-Francophone parents to get involved, and answers questions submitted by parents.

Language Development in Bilingual Children

Webinar with Annie Bourrel, professional linguist and children's author

Should I expose my child to two languages from birth? Should the Francophone parent always address their child in French? Is it normal that my young child "mixes" French and English?

If you ask yourself these questions, this webinar is for you! It is a complement to the resource "1 enfant, 2 langues" (available in English), a website entirely about bilingual language development in minority settings.