Funding for Online or Hybrid School Projects

Article from Parenthèse published on 8 September 2020, in the Education/Schools category.

Two small grant programs support school projects even during the pandemic

Since last year, many schools across Canada have benefited from two initiatives to fund projects for Francophone minority students.

Launched in the fall of 2019, the PassepART and Vice-Versa programs provide a grant of $1,500 per school per year for a project that involves a partnership with a non-profit organization, including parents’ associations1.

But did you know that these two Canadian programs, which will continue until 2022-23, can support projects even during the pandemic?

Although the health crisis is forcing us to rethink ways of doing things in our schools and communities, various organizations and groups have shown inventiveness and resilience in adapting their activities or developing projects virtually.


The PassepART program aims to encourage activities related to art, culture, and heritage by facilitating partnerships between Francophone schools and arts, cultural, and community organizations.

Whether it's a live music performance on the web, a dance class done via video, or a webinar on drawing techniques, PassepART invites eligible organizations to explore the technological options available to them.

Do you think it's complicated to offer a virtual activity? The website will show you what to do in a few easy steps. Here you'll also find examples of interactive, collaborative, and creative projects that have already been carried out online!



The Vice-Versa program aims to mobilize the school and community around inspiring projects that meet the needs and aspirations of students in kindergarten to Grade 12.

For the 2020-2021 school year, Vice-Versa would like to bring forward projects with virtual components or a hybrid approach. It is in fact possible to offer, or adapt, a wide variety of activities so that students can benefit from community school projects that are stimulating and complementary to their learning.

The Vice-Versa website even includes a “Project Ideas Bank”!

We encourage parents’ associations to take advantage of the personalized technical support and the various tools made available by these two programs, so that they can provide enriching experiences for students in their community!

1 If your parents’ association is not incorporated, the Fédération des parents can submit your project to either of these programs on behalf of your APÉ. To find out how, contact our liaison officer by writing to