Immigrant Family Services Available Throughout B.C.

Article from Parenthèse published on 26 January 2021, in the News category.

The CSF's TÉFIÉ teams are now providing virtual support to families of newcomers

Immigrating to a new country, attending a new school, getting acquainted with a different culture, these are all big challenges... but the services of the Travailleuses et travailleurs en établissement des familles immigrantes dans les écoles (TÉFIÉ) program are available to help in welcoming families that have recently arrived.


What is the TÉFIÉ program?

Le programme des travailleuses et travailleurs en établissement des familles immigrantes dans les écoles (TÉFIÉ) of the Conseil scolaire francophone de la Colombie-Britannique (CSF) aims to help students and their families who have recently arrived in Canada adapt; to help them integrate in a sustainable way within the school and community.

Previously working in person and only in Francophone schools in Greater Vancouver, TÉFIÉ teams have expanded and are now able to provide remote support to families who have recently arrived in all communities in B.C. that have a Francophone school.

Through the TÉFIÉ program, immigrant families can access, free of charge and in French, the following services: information and guidance, needs assessment and referrals, community connections, youth employment assistance, and support services.


To support, guide, inform, strengthen

The purpose of the TÉFIÉ program is to provide appropriate information and services to meet the settlement needs of families.

The program’s goals are that these families:

  • feel supported in their integration;
  • participate in school life and understand the education system in British Columbia;
  • become familiar with life in Canada, including its laws; and
  • can contribute to the vitality of the Francophone community.

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