A New Website Dedicated to Francophone Child Care Centres in B.C.

Article from Parenthèse published on 25 January 2023, in the Child Care, News category.

Francophone parents looking for a child care space, as well as people motivated by a career in child care, will be pleased to learn that a new website now provides a wide range of information related to French-language child care services in B.C.

Le Phare C.-B. – a professional team that, within the Fédération des parents francophones de Colombie-Britannique, works exclusively on the development of French-language child care centres – now has its own website, which can be found at lepharecb.ca.

The new site is a treasure trove of useful information in this burgeoning field in British Columbia. For example, among other things, the website shows an infographic that explains the types of child care services available in B.C., and it also informs about available resources that will make it easier for parents to find child care in their area.

In addition, people wishing to work in French-language child care settings will be able to consult a section devoted to job offers throughout the province, and learn more about the various training and certification, professional development opportunities, and the recognition of diplomas in early childhood education.

The Phare C.-B. website also contains information about services offered to Francophone child care centres located everywhere in B.C. Those child care centres can access and benefit from the expertise of the Phare C.-B. team members, whether they need training or support in recruitment, human resources management, financial management, etc. And if they wish, the Phare C.-B. team can provide them with customizable support and services according to their specific needs.

It should also be emphasized that the start-up of new child care centres is an important mission of Le Phare C.-B. Over the past two years, the team has opened seven new child care centres, and is currently working on several projects to create new Francophone child care spaces in various communities.

The lepharecb.ca website is already a valuable source of information; it will continue to grow as needed, as new services and resources become available in this area that is experiencing sustained growth, to better meet the needs of Francophone families in the province.