Le Phare C.-B. is launching a video series on the world of child care centres!

Article from Parenthèse published on 19 October 2023, in the Child Care, Early Childhood category.

Building on its expertise, le Phare C.-B., an initiative of the Fédération des parents, has just published the first two of a series of videos highlighting various aspects of Francophone child care centres in British Columbia. Le Phare C.-B. specializes in the support, management, and development of Francophone child care centres, and was born out of a need expressed by parents’ associations that manage these child care centres.


The first video, “Les métiers en garde d'enfants d'âge préscolaire et scolaire en C.-B.” explains the different staff positions in child care centres, the mandatory training, and the steps necessary to obtain the required certifications and diplomas. This video features the children and staff of two of our child cares centres: Les étoiles de mer (in Nanaimo) and Les aventuriers (in Langley).


You can also view the video (in French) here : https://lepharecb.ca/personnel-de-garderie/#professions


The second, entitled “Devenir une éducatrice ou un éducateur en C.-B. quand on vient d'ailleurs” sheds light on the different ways to obtain equivalence and recognition of diplomas and certificates. The information is presented in simple terms to facilitate the understanding of the procedures to be followed by Francophones from other provinces in Canada, or abroad.


You can also view the video (in French) here : https://lepharecb.ca/personnel-de-garderie/#diplomes


We encourage you to share these videos, produced in collaboration with the Société de développement économique de la C.-B. and Collège Éducacentre, to raise awareness about these crucial vocations that foster the vitality and prosperity of our Francophone communities.