Francophone Child Care Centres Opening in Several B.C. Regions Create Many Jobs

Article from Parenthèse published on 6 May 2021, in the Child Care, News category.

The Fédération des parents francophones, which will operate child care centres in eight B.C. locations starting in September, is launching an extensive recruitment campaign.

In the fall of 2020, we announced the setup of a team called Le Phare C.-B. within the Fédération des parents. This is a professional team whose mandate is to help with the development of French-language child care centres in British Columbia by supporting the start-up of new centres, and by expanding existing ones.

After months of working in synergy with various partners, Le Phare C.-B. is preparing for the opening of six preschool and school child care centres in Campbell River, Chilliwack, Kelowna, Langley, Mission, and Rossland in September 2021. These new centres will be operated by the Fédération des parents, which already manages two child care centres in Nanaimo and Victoria.

The eight centres will offer services that vary from one community to another. Depending on the centre, families will have access to a child care centre for infants or for children aged 3 to 5, or both, as well as to after-school child care for children aged 5 to 12. The child care centres will all be located in Francophone schools, and this project will be carried out in collaboration with the Conseil scolaire francophone de la C.-B.

In anticipation of the upcoming opening of these centres, a large recruitment effort has just been launched to fill more than twenty positions. Of the many jobs available, some require full or partial certification in early childhood education, but others are open to Francophones willing to take a short training program that will allow them to work with school-aged children (Responsible Adult Course). It should be noted that the starting date for all positions will be the end of August 2021.

Those aspiring to a career in this very stimulating environment will be pleased to learn that these are, in all cases, permanent full-time or part-time jobs, which will allow successful candidates to enjoy job security through stable contracts. Those who are hired in the various positions will also be able to take advantage of professional development opportunities and other benefits offered by the employer.

To view the various job offers, you can visit

The Fédération des parents is pleased to be able, through the establishment and management of these centres, to meet the needs of Francophone families in several regions of British Columbia. Continuing to build on the expertise of Le Phare C.-B., the organization intends to continue its efforts to make French-language child care accessible to more and more Francophone families across the province.


The creation of Le Phare C.-B. was made possible by provincial funding for French-language services from the Government of British Columbia; financial support from the Réseau de développement économique et d'employabilité (RDÉE) Canada, mandated by Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) to lead the Stratégie nationale en entrepreneuriat pour la Petite enfance, with the collaboration of the Société de développement économique de la C.-B. and the Fédération des parents francophones; as well as the Formation et renforcement des capacités des éducatrices et des éducateurs de la petite enfance project, financed by the Government of Canada and administered by l’Association des collèges et universités de la francophonie canadienne (ACUFC), with the support of the Comité de gestion national en petite enfance.