Francophone Families in Langley Have Access to New Preschool Child Care Centre

Article from Parenthèse published on 22 February 2023, in the Child Care, Early Childhood category.

French-language preschool child care services will be offered as of March 2023 at the école des Voyageurs.

The Les aventuriers child care centre, located in this Francophone school in Langley, will have a brand new facility built specifically to accommodate children aged 30 months to 5 years.

As a result, French-speaking parents in Langley and surrounding areas will finally have access to a preschool child care, which will support the language development of their little ones growing up in a minority setting.

The école des Voyageurs, which is a CSF public school, has a long history in Langley. In fact, the opening of the new preschool child care occurs in the same year that the école des Voyageurs celebrates its 25th anniversary.

Thanks to funding from the Government of British Columbia's Rapid Renovation Fund, the child care centre will be able to provide Francophone families in the area with full-time child care for their young children, in addition to the before-school and after-school child care that Les aventuriers already offers.

The setting up of the new preschool service is the result of a collaboration between the Fédération des parents francophones de Colombie-Britannique and the Conseil scolaire francophone de la Colombie-Britannique (CSF – School District No 93).

The Les aventuriers child care centre is managed by Le Phare C.-B. – a professional team within the Fédération des parents dedicated entirely to the development of French-language child care centres in the province. Le Phare C.-B. also operates several other child care centres in different municipalities in British Columbia, and also makes certain services available to Francophone child care centres established in other communities.

An event to officially mark the opening of the new preschool child care is planned for spring 2023 – because for the community it will serve, a new Francophone child care service is definitely a reason to celebrate!