45 Years Serving Francophone Parents in British Columbia

Article de Parenthèse publié le 23 mai 2024, dans la catégorie Transmission linguistique

2024 marks the 45th anniversary for the Fédération des parents francophones de Colombie-Britannique! The 2024/2025 school year will be the perfect opportunity to celebrate the accomplishments of parents over the years, surrounded by partner organizations and the community.

Two major events will take place in the coming school year: the 45th annual parents’ conference and the 3rd Summit on French Language Transmission.

45th Annual Parents’ Conference: November 22-23, 2024

On the weekend of November 22-23, 2024, the Fédération des parents will hold its Annual General Meeting (AGM), while at the same time, the annual conference will bring together parent volunteers who work in parents’ associations across British Columbia.

The opening night on November 22 will be particularly festive; it will be the culmination of the celebrations surrounding the 45th anniversary of the Fédération des parents. Saturday, November 23, will be reserved for the AGM and for some inspiring workshops for parents. Members elected to an APÉ or to the board of a preschool centre will be invited to participate in this great gathering!

3rd Summit on French Language Transmission: March 2025

After the first Summit, which was a huge success in November 2018 and led to the second Summit in January 2020, the nine co-organizing organizations of the Summit on French Language Transmission are now preparing a new version that will take place in the spring of 2025!

The Summit is a large gathering with more than 200 participants, representing multiple stakeholders from the Canadian Francophonie including parents, youth, seniors, professionals in the education sector from early childhood to post-secondary, arts and culture, the business world, as well as those involved in the community association network.

Following presentations aimed at inspiring and nurturing interactions, we can expect lively discussions in workshops that will deal with identity building, inclusion and diversity, as well as the development of promising collective projects.

With a prime focus on “children and youth with at least one Francophone parent,” the results of the discussions at this third Summit will help lead the implementation of the next comprehensive development plan for the Francophone community in British Columbia.

Delegations of parents from different regions of the province will be called upon to participate in this large-scale intergenerational event for the Francophone community, which will also highlight the anniversaries of several Francophone organizations, including the Fédération des parents.

For more information on the last two Summits on French Language Transmission including objectives, video presentations, photos, reports, etc., visit: http://sommetcb.ca